Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 6

It’s been weird so far.  I’m not craving food at all.  I’ve sat with people at work whilst they have eaten and also with Hannah at home and I’ve not been tempted at all.

I think its the fact that the only person who I would let down if I don’t do this is myself.  I’m getting no support from my friend at all.  All she’s interested in is how soon I can come off the diet so that we can go out and get drunk.

I wandered around the Plymouth Flavourfest today and took in all the sights and smells and just didn’t feel tempted at all.  I bought dipping sauces and bbq sauces and a jar of chutney but haven’t even tasted it.  That’s Hannah’s job.

I was having trouble drinking the right amount of water… especially at home but all I did was swap to a smaller bottle with a sports top and I’m having no bother at all.

I can’t wait til tomorrow when I weigh officially and see how much I’ve lost.

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