Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day 27

I have been so overcome to have the sensation of food in my mouth (not hunger) this week that on two occasions I've taken small amounts of food.

On Wednesday I put a slice of cold boiled potato in my mouth, chewed it and then spat it out. I had boiled the potatoes & sliced them for frying for my daughter and brother the following day.

Tonight it was some swede & carrot that I had mashed up... just a teaspoonful but I actually swallowed it as well.

I think I gave in to the craving today because I was so overcome with the need to have a texture in my mouth other than fluid. I spent the day with a friend shopping and hanging out... I had three cups of black coffee (the first since beginning LT four weeks ago), only one shake until 7pm and only 2l of water. When I got home I felt so damn sick it was unreal. So despite having a wonderful day in the city shopping for underwear two sizes smaller than a month ago my euphoria turned into tearful guilt as soon as I had swallowed the spoonful.

What really upsets me more than anything is that I have been so damn positive about this diet and its results... and then I do some stupid **** like this...

Weigh day tomorrow - I'll see how much damage I've done...

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