Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 5 (Part 2)

So far it's gone really well.  According to my scales (and of course there is no doubt that the scales at the pharmacy will be different) I am now 180.2lbs which means I've lost nearly 7lbs in 5 days.  This is good going. 

However, I have found today a real struggle.  I think because I woke up so late that by the time it was 11am I hadn't even had a shake or any water.  I had 1 shake, drank a litre of water and then when I went to the shop for food for my daughter's visit tomorrow I bought some frankfurters and ate them.  I figure that if I'm really struggling rather than struggle and feel shitty I will have a small break, deal with the craving, and then get back into a good frame of mind.

I have my stripey dress hanging up on my door to inspire me each morning I wake up and I'll just carry on as I have been.  Drink more water today and maybe a shake later and then back to it with a vengence tomorrow.

Not letting the bad times ruin the good. 

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