Friday, 29 July 2011

July 2011 Update

I've kinda lost track of using this blog to record my weight loss... which is a shame really because when I need inspiration it's great to come here and see how well I have actually done.

It has obviously been months since I last posted (Christ I haven't posted since October last year!!!) and, whilst I've still not reached that goal weight of 161lbs I've done not bad at all... all things considered.

When I finally stopped the diet in November of last year I was, at my lowest, 163lbs.  I maintained that weight for a long time... quite a few months in fact until well into the New Year.  I went to the work Christmas party (wearing a skinny ass dress I might add) and everyone commented on how amazing I looked.

I also got rid of the red hair... I realised that for a long long time I had been hiding behind it.... using it as a shield in the hope that it stopped people noticing the fat person that I was.

By February I was.... and still am... white blonde.  I can't actually figure out if I'm now just hiding behind a different colour but I like it... it cheers me up andmakes me feel less frumpy.

The weight loss lasted for a long time into the new year and then... around April time I noticed that a few pounds here and there were starting to creep back on.  I cut back but seemed to have difficulty shifting those extra little pounds and so, when I reached the point of having put 10lb back on I went back on to Lipotrim.

Here I am again... even more determined to get down to that 161lbs and... if I'm lucky... even less.

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