Friday, 1 October 2010

Day 54

Its been quite some time since I last blogged about the diet and it's been very up and down... with me having some really difficult days and weeks.

Breaking into the 12 stone range was a huge milestone for me... but since doing that in Week 6 I have really struggled in the last 2 weeks to lose more.  Week 7 was a good one.. with me losing another 4lb but Week 8 was very very difficult with me even breaking the diet on one day by eating chicken.

This past Week 9 has been much better but I have broken the diet again tonight by having a slice of bread.  The trouble is Hannah isn't here so I'm on my own and get bored and its harder to distract myself from the urge for food.

Some positive notes though... I'm now into Size 16 jeans... FROM NEXT!!! It is well known that Next sizes are actually on the small size so I'm very pleased with this.

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